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BALDAPO  creates original works in Music, Dance, Theater, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture.
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Born in Le Mans, France
Lived in Angers, Paris
presently in New York
Baccalaureat C
(mathematiques & sciences)
Medical School
Fluent in French & English
Practicing German & Spanish

Conservatoire d'Art
Dramatique d'Angers
Atelier du Chant du Bouc
Nouveau Theatre d'Angers
(Francoise merle, masq)
Valreas, Saint Etienne

Atelier Laurent Noel
(basics: graphite & charcoal)
Art Students League
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)
(abstract: George Cannata)
National Academy
(abstract: Sonia Gechtoff)
(perspective: Alex Zwarenstein)
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)

Red Dot in figure drawing
Art Students League 2007
Second Prize in Drawing
National Academy 2008

Conservatoire de Musique
Paris 11
(chant lyric, solfege)
Betty Viaud
Richard Kayadjanian
Beatrice Burley,
Mary Rodgers
(chant lyric, voice)

Atelier Laurent Noel
(basics: oil & watercolor)
Art Students League
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)
National Academy
(abstract: Sonia Gechtoff)

First Prize in Painting
National Academy 2008
Blue Dot in figure painting
Art Students League 2007

National Academy 2007-2009:
The Ary Stillman Scholarship
The Ogden Pleissner Scholarship
The School Benefit Scholarship
The Ralph Fabri Scholarship
Janet and Arthur Ross Scholarship
Art Students League 2007-2008:
The Leonard and Ruth Bocour Merit Scholarship

School Rick Odums
(ballet, modern, jazz, folk)
Martha Graham School
(modern dance)
Merce Cunningham School
(modern dance)
(ballet, modern, yoga)
Broadway Dance Center

Martha Graham
Merit Scholarship 1996
Martha Graham
Merit Scholarship 1997

Merce Cunningham
school Scholarship 1997

Atelier Godin
(wood carving basics)
Art Students League
(stone basics: Seiji Saito)
(clay basics: Barney Hodes)
National Academy
(figure: Antony Anthonios)

When I was a medical student, I really enjoyed the study of the human being in all its sciences, anatomy, cellular, physics, chemistry, physiology,
embryology, psychology, pathology, psychiatry, observing surgeries, visiting research labs... a real curiosity animated me, it was like an extraordinary
journey into the living mechanisms of the body. So when I choose to go for what I really want to do in life, Art and Creating Art, I wanted to approach it
in a similar way, in all it aspects, except this time it was about the human soul. So I choose to act, to dance, to play music, to draw, to paint, to sculpt,
even to design props and costumes, aiming at the professional level often with success.
After taking some time off to reflect upon my journey, I realized that what I really want to do now with all that wealth of experiences is to express
Oracle of Life
in its richness, in its diversity and in the abundance of its creativity, sometimes with works in one particular art form, sometimes with
works embracing several art languages, with always the same profound desire to express what I call
The Oracle of Life.

Note: Any work created in that spirit will mention "The Oracle of Life" with an attached page to it.
                                                                                                                                                                           BALDAPO, December 2014