The Oracle of Life
"The Secret" is the fourth piece of The Oracle of Life series. The piece holds
within itself the keys to a successful life at all levels and in all aspects of life.

As the piece presents itself, if you want to open "The Secret" to see it and to
know it, you will have to give up your life experience and make your transition, so
... maybe not yet! At the same time it means that you are not your life experience
while it is part of you and that "The Secret" is at the foundation and at the core
of your being.

As the piece presents itself too, you can get to see and to know "The Secret"
through your life experience, within yourself and through your actions when you
are positively and faithfully focused.

The way to get to "The Secret" has been indicated by the first three pieces of
The Oracle of Life series:

"My Great Grandma's Flowers" you choose what you want to create in this life
experience despite the opinions of others, circumstances and events.
"My Teddy Bear is on the Ride" you embody your dreams following your
strongest desire while staying positively focused on them, guided by a conspiring
"The Believer" you believe that what you are creating and offering matches
who you are and the source of your inspiration and will be matched by the
Universe response in your life experience.
"The Secret" puts all of the above in perspective and in alignment, revealing
the power that is within you and within life around you coming from the same
source that created you. The coming pieces will reveal more about the nature of
"The Secret" and what it can do.
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The Secret
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