The Oracle of Life
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My Teddy Bear is on the Ride was created like a theater play with different interacting characters,
playing with meaningful colors and shapes and two main characters close to my heart, my Teddy Bear and
the sculpture created for my best friend, Philippe Carlesso. In order to appreciate even more the painting,
let's unfold some of its insights. Let’s start with the colors then the characters into play.

Blue, seen in the sky, day & night, is a space where you can express your freedom, imagine your dreams
and whisper your aspirations
Golden Yellow, like the sun & gold, is the radiant power of growing & expanding, of positive thinking &
feeling good, of faith & believing.
Neutral Grey, where all colors vanish to create it, as the ground, is a place from which everything you
plant can grow, can be seen and experienced, and in which everything can return and be vanished to
become ground itself.
Red, like the blood pumping through our heart, expresses our passion for life through our emotions and is
the driving force of our desires.
When my beliefs embody my dreams and aspirations on the path of life, ignited by the passion of my
strongest desire,
I find the freedom to live upon my dreams and my life becomes what I always wanted it to be: a fun ride on
the ramp of life.
My Teddy Bear is a beanie Teddy Bear, that can take all kind of poses and expressions, and has been
my favorite model to first draw from. Originally green, he is wearing here his Golden Fleece.
The Golden Fleece refers to the Greek mythology, golden coat of an Aries or Ram. It represents the
power and the authority of a King over his kingdom to who owns it and is seen with it.
The Aries or Ram constellation or God Amon-Ra in ancient Egyptian astronomy represents fertility and
creativity. In Greek mythology, the winged ram was sacrificed to Poseidon after helping Nephele’s (cloud
nymph) children to escape, becoming the constellation of Aries and the Golden Fleece. Incidentally, it is
my astrological sign.
The Moon in French literature and tradition is often seen as a female/mother/surrounding character in
opposition to the Sun, male/father/authority character as Louis 14, “Le Roi Soleil” (the king Sun).
The Blue Object that Teddy Bear is riding is a sculpture that I created for my best friend, Philippe
Carlesso, with who I had daily conversations about arts and our life dreams and aspirations. He made his
transition more than 20 years ago. Originally red, the sculpture is painted blue, blending with the sky and
the universe, between day and night in the twilight zone, suggesting the presence of his spirit. The
sculpture is mainly composed of an ear in which Teddy bear has his face into and a mouth on which he is
seating on. Philippe was a pianist and an opera singer.
The Cloud refers to me as a child as I was told by the teacher “toujours la tete dans les nuages”, literally
meaning “always the head in the clouds”, and it was true. It didn’t take long for me to leap into my
imaginary world, marveling at faces I saw in the clouds appearing and disappearing, at birds and trees
through the class window, or get involved through my mind in my latest invention or discovery.
The Sticks offer guidance & tools  to the creative process, primary colors to create every color you desire,
shapes small large and medium, blur to sharp guiding viewer focus, sense of rhythm and relationship
(stripes) as you will in music composition, Mikado or pick-up sticks for sense of
balance, Kau Cim or Guan
Yin sticks or Chien Tung
oracle part of Buddhist tradition here part of “The Oracle of Life” works where the
prediction is the one you create for yourself, luminous tips as colorful
insight to guide you along the way
one step at the time to the summits of your dreams.
The Path actually exists. It’s made of carpeted wood crossing all over my railroad high ceiling apartment
where my 8 loving cats travel through.

I am entrusted the power and the authority over my dreams, no one else can decide for me nor make it
happen for me, but I can. The entire Universe is conspiring with me. Like my best friend, he is listening to
everyone of my dreams. He is watching over me like a loving mother that I might not always see but that is
always there for me to reflect the light that shines through me. At night times, he guides my focus on the
path of life that I joyfully created for myself, having all the tools at my disposal offered to me along the way.
I can simply relax into it and listen to the voice of my inner-being while gazing at the source of my

BALDAPO  creates original works in Music, Dance, Theater, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture.
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My friend Philippe Carlesso