Copyright © 2005-2016 BALDAPO alias Balthazar d'Apocalypso alias Bruno Bereau. All rights reserved.
BALDAPO  creates original works in Music, Dance, Theater, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture.
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Plaisenterie (Joke)
Plink Plouf Plok
Little piece for saxophone
Le Piege (Trap)
L'Emballement (Thrilling)
L'Impatience (Impatience)
Little piece for Violin
La Folie
Le Doute (Doubt)
L'Agacement (Annoyance)
L'Esprit (The Spirit)
Les Accidentelles
Little piece for piano n.1
Little piece for piano n.2
Little piece for piano n.3
Little piece for piano n.4
(Cocktail Snack)
Life Steps
When cry the birds
La Rigolotte
Bla shi to vu
Texts and compositions for violin, saxophone, and piano by BALDAPO