Copyright © 2005-2016 BALDAPO alias Balthazar d'Apocalypso alias Bruno Bereau. All rights reserved.
BALDAPO  creates original works in Music, Dance, Theater, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture.
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Dancing performance and/or dance created and directed by Baldapo
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Alice Farley Dance Theater
(dance theater)

"Black Fire
Dreams for the Human Equinox"
New York creation
Winter garden at the World Trade Center
Lincoln Center North Plaza

performed in most characters
Stilts, Four Legs...

Pittsburg Festival
Festival of Lights, Bronx Zoo
Bugs Festival, Museum of Natural History, Washington

Night Clubs (Spirit, Copacabana...)
Corporate (Bloomberg News, Louis Vuiton, Barnes and
The Apprentice
Cirque du Soleil (opening night)
Birthday Parties...

Also worked as a
Costume Designer for this company:
Photo by R.Holland, courtesy of Alice Farley