My Great Grandma's Flowers
oil on oval canvas
24 X 20 (inches)
61 X 51 (cm)
My Teddy Bear is on the Ride
oil on wood panel
13 X 11 (inches)
33 X 28 (cm)
The Believer
oil on canvas
48 X 24 (inches)
122 X 61 (cm)
(new version 2018)
oil on canvas
80 X 30 (inches)
203 X 76 (cm)
oil on canvas
80 X 36 (inches)
203 X 91 (cm)
The Blue Toes
oil on canvas
80 X 36 (inches)
203 X 91 (cm)
Around the World
oil on canvas
72 X 42 (inches)
183 X 107 (cm)
Creature 2
oil on canvas
62 X 46 (inches)
157 X 117 (cm)
Mini 1
oil on wood panel
9.75 X 4.5 (inches)
24.5 X 11.4 (cm)
Mini 2
oil on wood panel
9.75 X 5.625 (inches)
24.5 X 14.2 (cm)
Mini 3
oil on wood panel
9.75 X 6.25 (inches)
24.5 15.6 (cm)
Harlem Impression
oil on canvas
48 X 24 (inches)
122 X 61 (cm)
The View
oil on canvas
30 X 40 (inches)
76 X 102 (cm)
Casting Lady
oil on canvas
48 X 24 (inches)
122 X 61 (cm)
Cats are Watching
oil on canvas
42 X 25 (inches)
107 X 63 (cm)
Conversation about Sex
oil on canvas
42 X 25 (inches)
107 X 63 (cm)
Lonely, Self-portrait
oil on canvas
36 X 18 (inches)
91 X 46 (cm)
The Bird
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
Rooted Replication
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
Life, Death and...
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
The Warrior
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
Hidden Fantasy
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
All is One
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
Revasserie (Daydreaming)
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
The Grand Father
graphite on paper
25 X 18 (inches)
63 X 46 (cm)
East West United
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
graphite on paper
35 X 16 (inches)
89 X 41 (cm)
graphite on paper
34 X 22 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
ASL Red Dot
graphite on paper
44 X 31 (inches)
112 X 79 (cm)
graphite on paper
23 X 15.5 (inches)
58.5X 39.5 (cm)
John and Casandra
graphite on paper
22 X 24 (inches)
56 X 61 (cm)
The Sauna
graphite on paper
19 X 18 (inches)
48 X 45.5 (cm)
Fertility Basket
oil on canvas
72 X 36 (inches)
183 X 91 (cm)
painted fired clay on board
23 X 30 X 11 (inches)
58 X 76 X 28 (cm)
The Secret
painted fired clay, canvas,
wood, hardware
22 X 15 X 16 (inches)
55 X 38 X 41 (cm)
fired clay
21 X 15 X 10 (inches)
53 X 38 X 25 (cm)
I love Donuts
fired clay
18 X 7 X 7 (inches)
46 X 18 X 18 (cm)
The Queen
fired clay
20 X 14 X 10 (inches)
51 X 36 X 25 (cm)
Copyright © 2005-2021 BALDAPO alias Balthazar d'Apocalypso alias Bruno Bereau. All rights reserved.
National Academy Museum
juried exhibition 2008
(version 2)
Art Students League
Bleu Dot 2007
(version 1)
The Flourishing Artist
Company Francoise Merle

Leslie, "Sganarel ou le Cocu imaginaire"
Lycaste, "Le Mariage Force"

Staging: Francoise merle,
Production: Theatre des Arts,

First play written and staged by BALDAPO
while performing one
of the two main characters
with the inspired support of Bruno Leroux
encounter of a transvestite and an old maid
both performed by men.

Created at Saint-Saturnin
Performed at La Main d'Or, Paris.

Its successful performance led to::

a grant by the French Ministry of Culture
to stage a show with international student of
Lycee International de Saint-Germain en Laye
a teaching position at ALDEAJ in repertoire
and improvisation.
Amour de

Second play written by

with the inspired support of
Frederic Leblanc

Subsidized by
Relais et Chateaux
and performed in
Relais et chateaux

Playful comedy with
characters of Nature around
the subject of Spring and
emerging Love

Includes actors, musicians
and dancers performing
with masks, around the
subject of spring and love.
Alexandro: Chaque mot de ta bouche me consument entièrement.
Brunettino: Tous les enfants de mes Pères brûlent de te connaître.
A.: Je reste la, près de toi, sans mot, timidement.
B.: Corps et Ame je te donne car un amour doit naître.
A.: Parle-moi en vers, toi pour qui ma vie chancelle!
B.: Viens au nid goûter le vertige de ma nacelle!
A.: Mon coeur battra-t-il le tonnerre jusqu’au trépas?
B.: Pour que j’entende ton appel de toute la terre,...
A.: Dans ton atelier, sur la scène ou dans les airs.
B.: Si tu m’oublie dans les soucis, écoute ton coeur!
A.: Ne me quitte pas des yeux, goutte tous mes pas!
B.: Fais de ta vie avec la mienne un noeud sans peur!
A.: Tissons-nous notre demeure pour l’éternité!
B.: Mon étoile, embarque-moi sur ta voie lactée!
A.: Je te dévore en pain de vie, mon bien aime.
B.: Ton nez, tes oreilles sont un délice parfume.
A.: Tes yeux bleus sont des pierres de mer ou je me noie.
B.: Je te parerai des plus belles fleurs de désir.
A.: Ta peau est douce comme un vent de plaisir.
B.: Tu es chez moi comme le maître de ta maison.
A.: Le parfum de ma bouche coule le long de ton coeur.
B.: Man langue est en étreinte goulue de ton bonheur
A.: Qui bat dans ma poitrine sous l’embrasse de tes mains
B.: Sur ton sexe engorge de vivre son lendemain
A.: Au sein de tes entrailles dans une profonde joie.
B.: Ton corps d’ébène est une merveille a mes yeux.
A.: Ta douceur est pour moi un pays merveilleux.
B.: Le noir de tes yeux sonde en moi les profondeurs.
A.: La beauté de tes lignes m’épouse tout en rondeur.
B.: La sculpture de ton corps est un mets somptueux
Dialogue Frenetique
en Chant d'Amour

Third play written by BALDAPO

Play in two acts
not originally designed to be performed

Inspired by" the Song of Songes" (Bible)
expresses the mutual love and passion
between two men.

The first act is a dialog
between the two characters.
The second act  is a poetic monologue
expressed by the two characters.
Costumes and props made or created by
in collaboration with Alice Farley,
Mark Aubin and Manju Shandler
Plaisenterie (Joke)
Plink Plouf Plok
Little piece for saxophone
Le Piege (Trap)
L'Emballement (Thrilling)
L'Impatience (Impatience)
Little piece for Violin
La Folie
Le Doute (Doubt)
L'Agacement (Annoyance)
L'Esprit (The Spirit)
Les Accidentelles
Little piece for piano n.1
Little piece for piano n.2
Little piece for piano n.3
Little piece for piano n.4
(Cocktail Snack)
Life Steps
When cry the birds
La Rigolotte
Bla shi to vu

Cultural event created and directed by

-a big exhibition and two performances
per day of combined talents   
-artists and performers from all Asia and Europe
in residence in Paris-
-all art forms presented
(from traditional to cutting edge)
-under the umbrella of the Long Yang Club
and private sponsors
Ballet Long Island

Snow White
Midsummer Night Dream
The Little Mermaid
A Christmas Carol
Snow White
Swan Lake
Schools all over Long Island
New York
Islip Theater
Summer street Festival

Suki John

Danced in "SH'MA" (modern dance)

choreography inspired by one family's
Holocaust experience

92nd St Y
Harkness Dance Center
New York
An Apocalypso Day

A 10 minutes representation with a clown
painter, two dancers, and a violonist on
stage, all choreographed, composed and
directed by

It has been produced through the Martha
Graham School on 42nd street off
broadway to encourage young
Amour 4
pastel and paint on black paper,
framed and cover with 2 Plexiglas cut
in the center with circles in a
progressive manner
POPPO & GoGo Boys

Danced in "crazy me, crazy you" + DIGNITY

Poppo Shiraishi

Butoh Dance technique

La MaMa E.T.C.
New York
Michael Mao Dance
(modern dance)

(Goodwill games...)
New York theaters
(The Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse...)
Teaching program, ESL
(English Second Language)

Michael Mao repertoire and creations

Company member for 2 years
Arthur Aviles Typical Theater

Dancer in "Super Maeva de Oz"
(dance theater comedy)

Performed at BAAD
(Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance)
supported by The Point CDC
and New York Community Trust
Nomi Bachar

"Journeys to the Known"
(dance theater)

Raw Space Theater

An evening of theater and dance
dedicated to life, death & in-between,
assisted by DTW
(Dance Theater Workshop)
New York
Alice Farley Dance Theater
(dance theater)

"Black Fire
Dreams for the Human Equinox"
New York creation
Winter garden at the World Trade Center
Lincoln Center North Plaza

performed in most characters
Stilts, Four Legs...

Bronx Museum: "Conversations with Monsters"

Pittsburg Festival
Festival of Lights, Bronx Zoo
Bugs Festival, Museum of Natural History, Washington

Night Clubs (Spirit, Copacabana...)
Corporate (Bloomberg News, Louis Vuiton, Barnes and
The Apprentice
Cirque du Soleil (opening night)
Birthday Parties...

Also worked as a
Costume Designer for this company:
Photo by R.Holland, courtesy of Alice Farley

Gus Solomons

Danced in "Red Squall"
contemporary dance
and music

Lincoln Center North Plaza,
New York
"Gus Solomons Jr. clearly put more than a little thought into making a dance for the
magical but relatively untransformable North Plaza, where his new "Red Squalls" was
presented on Saturday afternoon as part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors."
Jennifer Dunning, New York Times
Laurence Weisberg

"The Wind's Skeleton"
Poetry of
Laurence Weisberg

Performance and Reading
(dance, live music, theater)

Anon Edition
at Zebulon and Bowery Poetry Club
New York
Automatic Drawings
Ink on vellum
National Academy Museum
juried exhibition 2008
life size clay
65 X 35 X 20 (inches)
165 X 89 X 51 (cm)
painted clay
graphite on paper
23 X 15.5 (inches)
58.5X 39.5 (cm)
Artist Performer Creator
General Education
Born in Le Mans, France
Lived also in Angers, Paris
and New York where he studied,
performed, staged and exhibited.
Baccalaureat C
(mathematiques & sciences)
Medical School
Fluent in French & English
Practicing German & Spanish

Conservatoire de Musique
Paris 11
(chant lyric, solfege)
Betty Viaud
Richard Kayadjanian
Beatrice Burley,
Mary Rodgers
(chant lyric, voice)

School Rick Odums
(ballet, modern, jazz, folk)
Martha Graham School
(modern dance)
Merce Cunningham School
(modern dance)
(ballet, modern, yoga)
Broadway Dance Center

Martha Graham
Merit Scholarship 1996
Martha Graham
Merit Scholarship 1997

Merce Cunningham
school Scholarship 1997

Conservatoire d'Art
Dramatique d'Angers
Atelier du Chant du Bouc
Nouveau Theatre d'Angers
(Francoise merle, masq)
Valreas, Saint Etienne

Atelier Laurent Noel
(basics: oil & watercolor)
Art Students League
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)
National Academy
(abstract: Sonia Gechtoff)

First Prize in Painting
National Academy 2008
Blue Dot in figure painting
Art Students League 2007

National Academy 2007-2009:
The Ary Stillman Scholarship
The Ogden Pleissner Scholarship
The School Benefit Scholarship
The Ralph Fabri Scholarship
Janet and Arthur Ross Scholarship
Art Students League 2007-2008:
The Leonard and Ruth Bocour Merit

Atelier Laurent Noel
(basics: graphite & charcoal)
Art Students League
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)
(abstract: George Cannata)
National Academy
(abstract: Sonia Gechtoff)
(perspective: Alex Zwarenstein)
(figure: Costa Vavagiakis)

Red Dot in figure drawing
Art Students League 2007
Second Prize in Drawing
National Academy 2008

Atelier Godin
(wood carving basics)
Art Students League
(stone basics: Seiji Saito)
(clay basics: Barney Hodes)
(life size sculpture: Barney
National Academy
(figure: Antony Anthonios)
I am Flourishing
oil on oval canvas
24 X 20 (inches)
61 X 51 (cm)